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"The entire process of procuring your stairlift was handled perfectly, from inquiry to ordering to installation. Others should do as well!"
C.L., Townsend, MA

Take control of your stairs...

Renting a stair lift is a great short-term way to make it easier to get up and down stairs. We'd suggest that if you expect to use the stair lift for more than 18 months, you 'd be better off buying it, but we do have a rental with the option-to-buy if you're unsure how long you'll need the stair lift.

Most of our customers have looked into moving away to a new home or remodeling, but find that a Stannah stairlift is a quicker and more affordable solution.

How we can help you...

  • Our experienced staff can assess your needs, and recommend a suitable stairlift,
  • We're affordable, with a range of models (new & used) for both straight and curved stairs
  • Our own factory-trained technicians have decades of experience between them,
  • Rentals from Stannah include service and removal at no extra charge

Our Stairlifts

Straight Stairs

A modern stairlift for straight stairs

Stairs that turn

Stannah stairlift for curved stairs

Outdoor stairs

Stannah stairlift for outdoors

We manufacture, install and service stairlifts with a choice of chairs, colors and options to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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