Let us take care of the stairs.

Let us take care of the stairs, so you can take care of the more important things in your life.

If you need further help we have a toll-free number that has a human being on the other end, 24/7, including holidays.

Rental pricing for straight stairs, with the option to buy

Rent a professionally refurbished unit for $1,495, which includes:

  • Six months' rental
  • A Stannah straight-rail stairlift for indoor use with a Saxon chair.
  • Track up to 14' 9" long
  • Professional installation
  • Any servicing while rented
  • Removal
  • Additional rental is $150/month, for as long as you need the stairlift

Rent a NEW stairlift for $1,895, which includes:

  • Six months' rental
  • A Stannah straight-rail stairlift for indoor use with our newest "Siena" chair.
  • Track up to 14' 9" long
  • Professional installation
  • Any servicing while rented
  • Removal
  • Additional rental is $190/month, for as long as you need the stairlift


  • Options, upgrade chairs (including our outdoor model) and longer track at additional cost
  • After renting for six months you have the option to buy your stairlift at the standard retail price, with no additional charges for having rented initially. All of your inital payment is put towards the purchase price. We'll give you a firm, written quotation for that price before you rent.
  • You can have your Stannah stairlift removed at any time in the first six months, but please note that there is no refund for the unused portion of the rental payment.

Rental pricing for stairs that turn

We rent curved stairlifts! Curved stairlifts are custom-made, so it's difficult to quote pricing before we've seen the stairs. Please call, and we'll be happy to measure your stairs and provide a written quotation, without obligation.

An independent family business since 1867

We've been an independent family business since 1867.

About Stannah

Origins Joseph Stannah opened a business in London, England in the 1860s making cranes to unload ships. Five generations later the company is still independently owned, and has grown into a globally-recognized maker of stairlifts and elevating equipment.

We opened a North American base in 1992, in Hopkinton MA, and now have dealers throughout the US and Canada, from Newfoundland to Hawaii. In southern New England and metro New York you can buy direct from us, the manufacturer.

In 2003, and then again in 2010, we moved to bigger premises as our business grew. We're now based in Franklin MA, with another office in Elmsford NY and a warehouse in New Jersey, and have representatives and technicians covering all of southern New England and metro-New York.

In 2012 we celebrated making our half-millionth stairlift - more than any other manufacturer worldwide.

Are your stairs suitable?


Straight stairs need to be least 27" wide (which is quite narrow).
Stairs that turn need to be a little wider; 29" is a workable minimum.

Door at the top?

No problem! We can install a Stannah stairlift to finish level with the top landing, even on a basement staircase with a door at the top.

Power outlet

You'll need a regular 110 Volt outlet, ideally within 10 feet of the top or bottom of the stairs and on the same side of the stairs as the stairlift. Most stairs have a nearby outlet that can be used, but if necessary we can discuss this with your electrician.

Outdoor stairlifts need an indoor outlet, to keep the battery charger dry. We can advise on this when we come to measure the stairs.

Most stairs are OK for a stairlift

We'll visit your home to help you plan for a stairlift.

We can help with the details when deciding whether to have a stairlift installed.

What to expect when working with us

A typical installation starts with a visit to measure your stairs, assess the needs of the person using the stairlift, and identify the best stairlift and pricing option.

If your stairs make a turn we'll usually make a stairlift that fits the shape of the staircase, which means taking very accurate measurements. We were the first manufacturer to develop a system for doing this using a digital camera and computer to do the measuring - it's more accurate than a tape-measure, and means that installations takes just a couple of hours.

Installation usually takes about two hours. We'll then spend as long as you need showing you how to use the chair and making any adjustments, such as to the seat-height). When you're completely satisfied, we ask for the balance of payment.


Better Business Bureau

The BBB's records show how many complaints each manufacturer has received in the last 36 months. We recommend you research any manufacturer before buying a stairlift. Click on the BBB logo to see our record.

Consumer feedback sites

Check your favorite review sites before you buy. Here's one that has a lot of comments.

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